Bringing you the aromas and flavours of authentic Indian food using one of the most exquisite culinary spices in the Indian food history, also known as the Golden Spice of India.

Turmeric is widely known for its great anti – inflammatory properties which acts as the best immunity booster. We here at Golden Turmeric, aim to create great memories by serving fresh, home-cooked Indian food in luxurious surroundings. All our meals are made using authentic Indian recipes that have been passed down over the generations.

We strive to provide an excellent service to our guests with an overall great experience.



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As the host and owners of Golden Turmeric, we extend a very warm welcome to all our guests to our restaurant where amazing home-cooked food is served in luxurious surroundings.

Our menu offers an authentic insight into Indian cooking, taken from a rich and diverse culinary tradition. Each dish is created using the finest ingredients to ensure unique character and flavour - from the lean cuts of melt-in-the-mouth meat to freshly ground spices like Turmeric and hand-picked vegetables - all in their own spicy aromatic sauces that promise an explosion of flavour with each bite.

We look forward to welcoming you at our restaurant!

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